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How real is Westworld?

Recently I’ve been contemplating about the plot of Westworld and its relation to human existence. I’m going to share my analysis of several topics that I think are central to the series.

A heartfelt letter to Jordan Peterson

Dear Jordan B. Peterson

I’m writing this as a way to express my thoughts that I have gathered from watching and listening to you.

But I'm not as great as you believe I am

“Man you’re really successful with your music, right? Look, you’d have way more success if you made pop… y’know?”

Taking a step forward

To most of you I’m known as Insan3Lik3. Music has definitely changed my life, but there’s more to me and I want to elaborate on that and what it means for the future.


This is the blog where I (Matteo De Micheli) will from time to time have a go at writing something myself instead of just absorbing content as I usually do.