Taking a step forward


To most of you I’m known as Insan3Lik3. Music has definitely changed my life, but there’s more to me and I want to elaborate on that and what it means for the future.


I started making music during high school, around 2009. Back then I couldn’t stand the school atmosphere. It was hard getting to know my creative potential, when exams required dull memorization techniques with mostly uninteresting information.

Luckily there was the Internet. And I spent a lot of time on there. Chatting, playing games and occasionally watching YouTube videos, one of which was about FL Studio. FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation that allows ordinary people like me to make music without spending thousands of dollars. The beginnings were really confusing, but after watching tons of tutorials I slowly got the hang of it. Having played piano for several years also came in handy. In retrospect it was quite a lot of fun, because there was no pressure, no clear goals and no self-induced stress, which meant just trying things out and seeing if something would break (sound awful) was totally fine.

Consequently I started uploading videos on YouTube on a channel called “Insan3Lik3” and some people seemed to like the music. Again, no clear thoughts about how this would continue but with the sole purpose of sharing some tracks with people on the Interwebz. I kept on making music for 2 years, sending it around to multiple labels and getting a release on Monstercat by winning a contest with a track called “Bad Pitched”. I had never heard of them before and the track I’ve sent was not made for the competition, but it nevertheless resonated with the community. This release definitely gave me a jump start on to the Internet music scene and helped me grow a lot of connections and friendships. As a reaction, my passion for music grew stronger and stronger by the day.

Laying a foundation

While this music gig was happening I started an apprenticeship as a web developer. Even though Insan3Lik3 was kind of successful, I wanted to have a formal education as my second plan if things weren’t meant to work out.

I still remember walking into the office on the first day, being surprised at the black matrix-like program that some developers were staring into. I would quickly find out that it is called a terminal. Again my curiosity kicked in. It was very hard to learn the basics of web development, but after several months I finally had a basic understanding. I also slowly started to realize how limitless the possibilities are to influence and shape the Internet. In these 4 years I’ve worked with so many great and knowledgeable people and I’m really thankful to everyone that endured my seemingly endless questions. I’ve also started engaging in the open source community (Github) and attended some cool tech meetups and gatherings since then.

But there was this music thing happening right? It probably showed that I put most of my focus on the apprenticeship and not music. I kept on releasing, but the nagging thought of having to be “serious” about it kept me from doing it full time. The time just wasn’t right. Even though my following was constantly growing I kept on releasing tunes without a plan and this made me somewhat unpredictable and sluggish.

Anyways, I successfully finished my apprenticeship and moved on to work at a new startup company with friends. There were a lot of new challenges that we would go through, but I thought I’d take the risk to face them so that we could realize our ideas.

Going forward

It’s already more than a year ago that I’ve started working at the startup. There’s so much things I’ve learned from both the IT and music community that I want to share with you. The potential to create apps and videos that uses knowledge of both worlds is huge.

That’s exactly what I want to do with createbits. createbits is the first project where I’m aware of its purpose and consciously steering it. You can check out the introduction video if you want to learn more about it.

This is definitely not the end of Insan3Lik3. It’s an attempt at explaining how these past few years led me to where I am today. I will keep on making music, but clearly set the focus on createbits for now. Even though I really liked the playful beginnings of music-making I now grasped the importance of having a serious and dedicated approach to endeavors. I hope you have that too. I’m looking forward to what the future has in store.

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